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  1. Can you do Shalynn Ammerman please:? Worse case of child rape murder done in Indiana. Thanks!

      Sorry forgot link!

  2. Please cover case of " John Couey" **
    Kidnapping of Jessica Lunsford 8 year old He raped and buried her alive 200 yards from her home in his trailer!! Just horrible!! We lived 9 miles from them! Sad case

  3. Could you get all weather decals/stickers for bumper stickers? I think more people need to think about not murdering their kids.

  4. Have you ever considered doing the Michael Scleagal case. He burned a woman to death Julia Malinowski. Her testimony from a hospital bed six months before she dies is heart wrenching.

  5. Case Suggestion for your This Is Monsters series (Family Annihilators) The Raymond Childs Jr. Case of Indianapolis, IN 2021. Grew up with a loving father who encouraged him and his other sons to pursue their music dreams. The father, Raymond Childs Sr. initially managed/ promoted his young sons as a pop/r&b dance group --- later in their upper teenage years the boys branched off into solo rap ventures..that's where you can see the change in them, especially Childs Jr. On one night in early 2021..Childs Sr. reprimanded his 17 year old son, Raymon jr. for not coming home at curfew...Jr..proceeded to use a Drayco pistol and standard handgun to kill his father, stepmother, his 18 y ear old brother (who was a much more talented rapper iin his own right, and his brother's girlfriends and unborn child. This kid was so enraged that he followed and chased after his little 15 year old brother out of the house who attempted to escape..the little brother said Childs Jr he aimed and shot at his head...he was trying to kill him. Thank god he made it as the soul survivor of this family massacre...otherwise a more clear story may have never came out.

    This story made national news for a few days and they actually had a youtube channel where you can see their growth as a young dance group that transformed into rap acts. Childs Jr. went by the name Lil Raymond and his 18 year old brother went by Savoe.. Savoe was a popular kid who seemed to have a high trajectory..only to be taken out by his brother.

  6. Could you do a story about Levi Stark and his girlfriend Jessica Miller-Grossman. It a story out of glendive Montana. You should also reach out to the corrections officers and police officers to hear their thoughts of him.

  7. (a new monster for your videos)


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